About us

Over the years, VR Machining has accumulated for your greatest benefit an experience and exceptional skills in of machining in your facilities!

Why use our services?

The breakdown (often unpredictable and sometimes prolonged) of a piece of equipment (machine, motor, turbine, etc.) can have enormous consequences for a company:


The mission of VR Machining
Allow you to minimize these major inconveniences as much as possible!

When to use our services?

In many cases, moving the machines will either be impossible or will involve very high costs (shutdown of the installations and/or production lines, time and costs for dismantling and transporting the equipment, etc.).

By intervening on the spot (in your installations) at the various stages of life of your equipment, VR Machining will enable you to avoid these major disadvantages!


Start-up of new units

It happens that new units, before their first start-up, need to be rectified or readjusted (bad calibration, deformation of welds, etc)...

Planned interviews

Scheduling regular (or more frequent) maintenance increases the longevity and reliability of the equipment being treated and minimizes the risk of more serious breakdowns and technical downtime of the machines and possibly production lines concerned.

Readjustment interventions

An intervention of emergency readjustment will be able in the most part of the cases to avoid you a major breakdown much and the penalizing consequences of this one!

Troubleshooting and repairs

The effects of an unpredictable breakdown can be catastrophic for your company, by reducing the time and costs of repairs, on-site machining will allow you to limit the consequences as much as possible!

The strong points that will make VR Machining your essential partner!

The guarantee to benefit from

Our best guarantee…
Our skills and know-how through our achievements!