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VR Machining… Your specialist in machining on site

     With the years, VR Machining cumulated for your greater profit an experiment and exceptional competences out of matter
     of machining in your installations !

Why call upon our services ?

The breakdown (often unforeseeable and sometimes prolonged) of an equipment (machine, engine, turbine, etc) can have enormous consequences for a company:

  • Stop stop sometimes prolonged of your industrial activity (energy production, production lines, etc) or economic;
  • Be likely to see part of your customers turning temporarily or definitively to your competitors;
  • Setting in danger of your economic activity;
  • Setting of availability of a part or entirety of your personnel;
  • Etc

The mission of VR Machining … of allowing you to minimize to the maximum these major disadvantages !

When to call upon our services ?

In much of case, to move the machines will prove either impossible, or will involve very high costs (stop of the installations and/or line productions, time and expenses of disassembling and transport of the material, etc).

While intervening on the spot (in your installations) at the various stages of life of your equipment, VR Machining will enable you to avoid these major disadvantages!

  • Starting of new units
    It happens that new units, before their first starting, require to proceed to operations of correction or readjustment (bad calibration, deformation of weldings, etc)…

  • Planned talks
    To plan talks regular (or more spaced), it is at the same time to increase the longevity and the reliability of the treated equipment and to decrease to the maximum the risks of breakdown more consequent and the technical downtimes of the machines and possibly production lines concerned.

  • Interventions of readjustment
    An intervention of emergency readjustment will be able in more the share of the cases to avoid you much a major breakdown and the consequences penalizing of this one !

  • Breakdown services and repairs
    The effects of an unforeseeable breakdown being able to prove to be catastrophic for your company, by decreasing the times and costs of breakdown service and repair, machining on site will enable you to limit to the maximum the consequences of them !

The strong points which will make to VR Machining your partner impossible to circumvent !

VR Machining ... it is for you and your company the guarantee to profit :
  • Of an long experience acquired with the passing of years and our interventions;
  • Of all the know-how and competences of a specialist;
  • Of our perfect control of last state-of-the-art technologies on the matter;
  • Of a reactivity and times of very short intervention of our share;
  • Of tools of point especially conceived and adapted to our missions and your needs;
  • Councils of an expert.

Our best guaranteed… our competences and our know-how through our achievements !

Better how the words, our achievements will finish showing you if it of it is still need all the extent for our competences and our know-how !

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